Monday, January 14, 2013

Advent Archive: Acts 22

Racism comes in every color. We often think that racism is a white thing. We think that in America, the guys with rebel flags, coon dogs, and big trucks are the world’s racists. Everybody in the world gets along and is color blind, except for the redneck-bigots who hate, and hate, and hate. We view the tobacco-spitting as symbolic of the “dark evil words” that these uneducated, narrow-minded, prejudiced extremists use in such a loose way, spewing here and there, in front of children, at the dinner table, out with their friends…these are the world’s racists. Sadly, the racial supremacy view is not novel to the South. As a matter of fact, thousands of years before the Georgians started their bigotry people were already using hate speech and committing hate crimes based upon skin color. This is not God’s design. This is filthy, sin-smothered, human arrogance and pride. This racial pride played out in Acts 22, when a lynch-mob attacked Paul because he said that God wanted to send a saving, redeeming Messiah, not just to the Jews, but also to the Gentiles. Racism isn’t new. Instead of viewing themselves as God’s people, they viewed Him as their god. Be careful that you don’t package God in your mind as what fits your desires. Read His word and let Him reveal His true nature and character to you.
P.S. He doesn’t like racism.
Food For Thought: What in Acts 22 indicates that God does not a big fan of racism?