Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Nehemiah 2:17-20

We need a bigger view of our God. At times we come to Him in prayer and we ask for His help in the latest health ailment that plagues us or our close friends. It seems like we understand that God is in heaven and “in control,” but based upon our prayer life, He is really only good for sick people. But God is more than a Divine Pepto-Bismol! He is all-powerful. He accomplishes more than wiping away sniffles and calming sore tummies. Can He heal? Absolutely! But is that all He does? Based upon most prayer meetings it sure seems like it is.
God accomplishes great and mighty things - things that should be prayed about. 1) I needed to sell my house. I asked Him for His help. This month, He answered my prayer. 2) A couple of months ago, I asked for His grace to dominate a tough conversation I needed to have with one of my friends. He answered and my friend and I are even closer now. 3) Recently, I prayed that He would work in the indifferent heart of a young man, and He is doing it. 4) A few years ago, Mrs. Amber and I wanted to be able to give money to my church, so He had President Obama write me a letter that I could sell and get the money to give.
God answers and does so on a massive scale. What He accomplishes is at times startlingly awesome.
Nehemiah did not lose that perspective. After surveying the devastation of Jerusalem, he called a meeting of the Jews, the priests, and the rulers. He told them that they had a nearly impossible task ahead of them. It was a task that would require severe amounts of dedication and effort, and would at times seem daunting and intimidating. But thankfully, they would not have to accomplish it alone.
In Nehemiah 2:18, Nehemiah encouraged them with the truth of his big God, “God was good upon me.” A few verses later this comfort became motivation, “God will prosper us.” His confidence wasn’t found in himself or his own ability. It was shored up in the God of the universe, Who consistently proved Himself mighty and powerful. We need to open our eyes to and rest our hearts in the powerful God that we serve.

Food For Thought: Where did Nehemiah’s confidence that they could rebuild the walls of Jerusalem come from?