Monday, October 14, 2013

Mark 14:1-16

For a few years now, the indignant Pharisees had plotted the destruction of Jesus. Finally, on this day, their darkest hopes would come true. In John 7, over a year earlier, the temple guards had gone to capture Him, but they had been turned back in wonder at the truths that Jesus taught. But on this Thursday morning, it seemed as if their luck changed. One of His own followers, perhaps disenchanted by His Master’s unwillingness to be the type of Messiah he had expected, had come and offered up a plot to capture Jesus. The preparations for the capture, secret trial, and execution of Jesus had begun.
During the last couple of days, Jesus made it a point to address several things with His disciples before His imminent murder. He had intentionally engaged the Sadducees just two days earlier regarding the hope-filled resurrection. He had further explained to His disciples that as Messiah, He was far more than a descendent of David; He was the very Son of God. These truths, that He was the Christ, and that resurrection was a reality, were crowned with one last truth. As Jesus sat with Simon the leper, a woman came and broke open a jug of alabaster and poured it on Jesus’ head. Christ used this moment to teach the next truth that His disciples needed to understand on this day: He was going to die and be buried. He masterfully used this woman’s worship to prepare His disciples for His death.
As the day progressed, Jesus sent His disciples to find a place for the Thursday evening Passover meal. The day of unleavened bread preceded the day of Passover, and Jesus had one last evening of teaching for His disciples before He would be taken away and killed. This was a day of preparations. The murderous and treacherous preparations had begun. The preparation for His death, burial, and resurrection had been done. Now, the preparation of His last supper with His disciples was under way.
The lights were being set. The stage was being cleared. The curtain was being straightened. The reason for which Jesus had come to earth, namely, the salvation of all mankind, was about to occur. There was just a little more preparation, and the tragically beautiful drama would unfoldingly etch itself in the history of the world.

Food For Thought: Read Matthew 26:6-13. What is the difference between Jesus’ reaction to the woman’s act of worship and the reaction of His disciples?