Friday, December 13, 2013

Advent Archive: Romans 1:24-32

In Romans 1:24-32, Paul lists a myriad of things that are in direct opposition to the design of God for human living. I find it very revealing of His nature that in the middle of a list including “fornication, murder, and deceit” Paul lists, “disobedient to parents.” What an indictment against our common way of thinking. Now you have to see this how God sees it. In God’s eyes there are those who obey Him and those who don’t. There is no middle ground. No doubt, if I were to mention murderous henchmen like Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin, anyone would admit that these men are desperately evil, and possibly even devilish men. But if I talk about your not obeying your Dad or Mom, “well, that is just not even the same thing,” is the natural retort. But in God’s eyes there is no gradient of sin. There is no “Top Ten Sins” in God’s eyes. All sin is a distrusting of His nature and character and shows a lack of faith and an utter rebellion to His perfect design. The disgust that you would have for the actions of Hitler and Stalin’s butchering of innocent people should be the same disgust that you have for any rebellion in your own life against the God-given authority and direction in your life. Maybe it is time to repent of this wickedness before the merciful, forgiving, Gospel-originating God.

Food for Thought: When is the last time that you disobeyed your parents? Why? What does God think about disobeying parents? What should you do about it now?