Tuesday, December 2, 2014

John 17:2-5

For thirty three years Jesus had been on the earth obeying God and ministering to those around Him. Now, the great culmination of centuries of prophecy was being accomplished in one day. As Jesus continued in prayer to the Father, He prayed for something that for us would be unusual to pray.
“Glorify thy Son.”
It was the desire of Jesus that through His sacrifice on the cross, He would be glorified. But how did He plan to be glorified? What would take place that would bring Him glory? As Jesus continued praying, He gave a few ways in which He was going to be glorified.
According to verse 2, Jesus would be glorified by becoming the fountain of eternal life for all those that came in faith to Him. Anyone who would receive the blessing and forgiveness of God must come through Jesus. He was the exclusive way of salvation. Eternal life could only come through Jesus. Every single person that God had chosen for salvation would come in faith to Jesus and would receive eternal life.
In verse 4, we see that Jesus would be further glorified in His completion of the work that God had sent Him to do. Namely, Jesus would be glorified by becoming a substitute for sinners. Jesus had lived a sinless life in obedience to God. He would then become obedient to God in His death on the cross. In this sacrifice, He would surrender His righteousness to those who came in faith, and bear in Himself the punishment for their sin. In submitting Himself obediently to God, Jesus would become the glorious supply of redemptive power.
Jesus asked God to glorify Him by making Him the source of eternal life for all those who would believe, and He prayed that God would glorify Him through His obedient substitutionary death. Finally, Jesus asked God to glorify Him by returning Him to His original place of honor in Heaven. For thirty three years Jesus had been humbled to exist as a lowly human subject to human deficiency like hunger and exhaustion; and He bore the humiliation of mockery and scorn by evil men. With His glory limited, Jesus had patiently waited for the day that His full glory would be returned to Him. He would return to Heaven to be with the Father, and the glory that He had in the beginning would be restored to Him. No more weariness and no more jeers. He would be once again the glorious Son of God that had existed with God the Father and God the Spirit since the beginning.

Food For Thought: As Jesus prayed, He asked God to accomplish things that were already going to happen. Read 1 John 5:14. Why did Jesus pray with confidence for these things in John 17?