Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Nehemiah 11:20-36

God seems to be “pro-music.” At the end of time, Revelation says everyone will gather around God’s throne, and true, deep, heartfelt worship for the great God of all the ages will begin. Singing. Praising. Worshipping. The Lord God Almighty will be praised for His greatness and goodness.
In Ephesians, Paul encouraged believers to minister to each other with spiritual songs and hymns. Singing was to be an elemental component of Christian gathering.
The gospel of Mark records that Jesus Himself led His disciples in a song to finish the last supper.
As if that is not enough, the longest book of scripture is Psalms, literally a book that is composed of worship song after worship song.
The Old Testament is replete with the songs about the victories that God had provided for His people over their enemies.
Music was the way to communicate His majesty. It was a way to remind His people of His splendor. It was a medium to transmit the heart-felt emotion of gratitude for all He is and all He has done.
Job 38 goes on to tell us that singing was even a part of the creation process, as the celestial bodies began singing while God laid the foundations of all things.
Music is at the heart of God’s work with mankind. And it should be at the heart of man’s worship of God. He created us as musical beings, designed to create music, invent and play musical instruments, and even to use our voices as an instrument of His praise.
It is no wonder then that part of the assignment of tasks in the newly established city of Jerusalem was to have families of singers literally singing God’s praise every day. God’s glory was to be echoed by His people, and there was no greater way to do this than the verbal exaltation that the temple singers would bring Him. For nearly a century the harps had been silent. No tambourines or cymbals had sounded out rhythms. No choir had called out God’s name. But now the worship had begun.
We too are designed to create and music and worship God through this means. Whether it is through recorded media or songs from our heart, our God deserves to be exalted with all the sounds of music that His creation can muster.

Food For Thought: How can we worship God in musical ways? List at least three.