Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Nehemiah 6:15-19

It had been the home-stretch. The wall was being rebuilt, and the final wave of opposition had come and failed. Through pressing on in shear obedience, the people of Israel saw God accomplish this great thing in their midst.
They had been told it was impossible. They had been told they could never do it. They had been threatened with shame and even death, but they were undeterred. If they had trusted themselves, perhaps they would have quit, but their hope was set in an all-powerful God.
Paul said it this way, “If God be for us, who can stand against us?”
There is no level of opposition that can overcome an omnipotent God. There is no level of power than can stand against Him. All the kings with all the armies of all the world are like a particle of dust in the hand of a mighty God.
Nehemiah trusted God for the strength to complete the wall. He had trusted God to provide all things that would be needed. He had trusted God to protect them while they were building. He had trusted God to vindicate him when others were lying about him. And the God of Nehemiah’s faith proved to be trustworthy.
“So, the wall was finished,” verse 15 says. This great insurmountable task was completed. The thing that everyone spoke against and said was impossible, Nehemiah and his faithful wall-builders had completed in just 52 days. The God of the miraculous had accomplished great things through humble, faith-filled, weak, obedient workers.
So what is that thing that God has called you to that seems so impossible? Perhaps you have been called to have the right attitude with your peers, or maybe it is that you have to stand for what God desires in the face of scornful, mocking coworkers. Maybe you have a friend or a family member who is not a believer and you just don’t know that they ever will become one. No matter what the insurmountable thing is, there is a God Who dominates insurmountable tasks. A firm reliance in His power, and a willingness to obey His commands can lead to overcoming the impossible. If He desires it, it can be accomplished. And if you are willing, He might just use you to accomplish it.

Food for Thought: How long did it take God to build the wall with Nehemiah and his wall-builders? What can we learn from this scenario?