Friday, June 28, 2013

Psalm 121:3-5a

He will not suffer thy foot to be moved: he that keepeth thee will not slumber. Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep. The Lord is thy keeper:

It was not until the 10th grade that I played my first official game of soccer. And soccer introduced me to a whole new way of talking. Contrary to popular thought, soccer isn't played on a field. No, the game takes place on a pitch. The things I put on my feet were no longer cleats; they were boots. And goalies didn't guard the goal, keepers did. You see, keepers keep the ball from the goal. Keepers guard the net. Keepers watch the most vulnerable spot on the pitch (or field…I still call it that). The keeper protects the net from the ball coming in.
I can't help but think about soccer when I read, "The Lord is thy keeper." Your life is kind of like that soccer goal and many things are trying to get in to destroy your confidence, faith, trust, and hope. But you have one awesome Keeper who protects you from that which could destroy. What a thought! God is watching over you. Because he is always on his guard, you have no need to fear. You don't need to worry about being alone, fitting in, having your needs met, or even the state of your salvation. Why? Because God is guarding you. He is your Keeper.
Soccer isn't the only place where you find a keeper. Imagine the Old West cattle drives for a minute. The cowboys get the steers and cows down for the night. Soothing lullabies are sung to calm the skittish cattle. Soon the weary men bed down as well. But one cowboy stands watch. Refusing to look into the dying campfire for fear of compromising his night vision, he diligently looks and listens for approaching rustlers, coyotes, or other dangers that could induce a stampede. Much money is tied up in getting this herd to the stockyards in Kansas City. The cattle are valuable. And that is why they need a keeper.
Perhaps you feel unimportant. Perhaps you've been told you're not worth much. Perhaps you've been hurt deeply by someone's actions or words. But you must believe with all your heart that you are valuable to God. After all, he is your Keeper. Keepers are only needed when there is something valuable to be guarded. Psalm 139:17-18 reveals that the precious thoughts God has for you are more in number than the grains of sand on planet earth. Did you hear that? God must think about you a whole lot.
No doubt you've heard of guardian angels, but Psalm 121 tells you that God himself is your personal Keeper. This is why God went to the cross…to protect us from the devastating consequences of our sin. If God were not your Keeper, you would perish in hell for your sin, but he guards and protects you from condemnation when you call on him for salvation.
But he also keeps you from that which would destroy you. Near tragedies or accidents are not lucky breaks; they are the divine action of your Keeper. And when bad things do happen to you, God has not stopped being your Keeper. His way is perfect, and he is always good. If death occurs, the glories of heaven await those who belong to him. So when you feel vulnerable, run to the One who counts you valuable. And find he is your eternal Keeper.

Food for thought: Name a specific example where God showed how he was keeping and guarding you.

- Andy Gleiser
Student Ministries Pastor |
Founder |