Monday, August 19, 2013

Mark 1:14-20, part 2

“Kill Him!!!Kill Him!!!” The angry mob of righteously indignant Pharisees dragged the disruptive preacher from the middle of the city. Saul was in the pack, and as a Roman citizen, he had something to lose in the “un-authorized” killing of this Jesus-follower. But fear of repercussion did not keep him from holding his friend’s coats as they slung skull-shattering rocks at the one who knelt, mesmerized by a heaven-bursting vision of “Jesus standing on the right-hand of God.”
The sickening “thud” that turned his lights out, left the raging mob, Saul included, feeling a bit embarrassed at their savagery, but justified that they had defended their God once again. Saul had reached a new height of zeal. He would now go from house to house and purge the world of these God-hating liars. Or at least that was the plan.
On the road to Syria, Saul had his own heaven-bursting experience, and this one unsaddled him from his ride and left him on his back, confused, and blinded. The voice of Jesus spoke to him and called Saul into a life of following him. What would he do? What would Gamaliel think? What would his father think? Would he really become one of these fanatical Jesus-followers? So much was at stake, but Saul had to make a decision.
In Mark 1, a similar decision is taking place. Jesus, a nobody, from a nowhere town, shows up and tells several fishermen to leave their family business and follow him. This is ludicrous! There is no way that they would even consider it. Or would they? What would ever make a person give up their future? What would ever make Saul relinquish his prestige in the Jewish community?
What would it take? A greater life purpose; a better, more-satisfying future. One minister said it this way, “if God calls you to serve Him, don’t stoop to be a king.”
Each of these followers of Jesus heard a greater call than the one they were currently committed to. And each saw the hollowness of their current life pursuits and desired something far greater, something that only a life of service for Jesus could bring. Perhaps, it is that we too need to reevaluate our current life calling. Perhaps we need to hear the call of Jesus to be His follower. Maybe today, you need to switch out your lesser dreams for His all-satisfying divine purposes.

Food for Thought: What do you plan to do with the rest of your life? What do you think God desires you to do with the rest of your life?