Friday, August 30, 2013

Mark 4:21-34

Have you ever wondered about a seed? Think about an acorn. It has that really thin shell on the bottom and a cool looking little cap on top. If you were to crack open the little shell, it is full of that crumbly almond-colored stuff that tastes very bitter. (don’t act like you have never tried to eat one)
So, I take my acorn and I put it in the ground. I literally just stick it in the dirt. Over the next couple of weeks I make sure it has enough water and sunlight. Then, like a miracle, that little shell cracks open and sends out a twig. Looking at the acorn, you have to ask “Where did that twig come from?” There was no way there was a twig in there before. I have cracked enough of them open to know the little twig wasn’t already in there. So what’s going on?
The little twig is topped with a couple of stiff little leaves. Where did those leaves come from? Those weren’t in the acorn when I put it in the ground. Over the next couple of days the twig continues to grow, and eventually it develops branches. Under the soil, tiny little whisker-like roots fight their way deeper and deeper.
How is this happening? It was just an acorn with dirt. Perhaps it isn’t that mind-boggling for you, but I see it and am borderline mind-blown. The genetic nugget in the middle of the acorn has transformed the nutrients from the dirt and the air into life and growth.
Jesus uses the illustration of this miraculous growth of plants to explain what happens in the hearts and lives of those who hear God’s truth. Just like a seed planted in the ground, the word of God begins an unbelievable transforming work in the life of the person. Before long, their heart is bearing out growth that did not exist before. The word of God is literally creating new desires and new habits, basically, a whole new person.
Knowing then that the word of God is so powerful to transform men’s lives, we should labor to plant the seed in the hearts and minds of those around us. We should strive to water and cultivate their minds and hearts as Paul says “in meekness and in fear” (with gentleness and respect), so that the word of God can flourish in their lives. And all the while we should pray that God will cause the miraculous growth and transformation that Jesus tells us of.

Food For Thought: Read 1 Corinthians 3:5-9. Who does Paul say is the one that ultimately causes the growth in believers lives?