Monday, September 2, 2013

Mark 4:35-41

The blackened sky flashed as lightning illumined millions of raindrops. The thunder crackled and boomed, and fear swept over the seasoned sailors. The team of boats began maneuvering away from each other lest the massive waves would crash them into each other. Another flash of lightning broke the darkness to reveal the sailors with buckets frantically bailing out the boat. The waves had been crashing into the boat, rocking it and filling it. Now, the sailors stood in knee-deep water, frantically flinging buckets of sea water over the side. But the storm was too much.
In the hold below the stern, Jesus lay fast asleep. The terror of the storm had not roused Him. The drowning waves had not stirred Him. Rather, in comfort and peace He lay, resting.
Overwhelmed, frustrated, and horrified, Peter burst into the hold where Jesus was sleeping. Originally he had gone to warn Him that the boat was about to sink, but upon finding Him fast asleep, Peter’s fiery temper turned to a sneer, “Master, do you not care that we are perishing?!” The fervor of the moment had caused him to say something cutting to the Master. He would no doubt regret that comment shortly, but in the moment it felt justified.
Immediately, Jesus rose from His bed and stepped out into the rain-laden wind. Fixing His eyes on the clouds and the sea, He scolded them as if they were a little child, “Knock it off!!” The raindrops that had been flying through the air fell to the deck of the boat. The massive rolling waves fell flat. The thick, black clouds melted in the sunshine, and the disciples stood staring at the glass-like sea.
Turning to the disciples, Jesus said, “Why were you so afraid? Don’t you have faith?” The mind-blown disciples stood, frozen in wonder at what they had just seen. The wind and the waves obeyed Him. Their rational minds fought against the truth that their hearts were telling them, “He is God.”
He wasn’t even afraid of the storm. He had stared it down as if He were looking at a misbehaving child. He had rebuked the storm. Nobody rebuked storms. It had listened to His voice. He was so much more than a good teacher. He had to be. There was no other explanation. He must be. He was God.

Food For Thought: I am not afraid of a little lady bug because I am more powerful than it. Using this same line of thinking, why was Jesus not afraid a storm?