Tuesday, September 16, 2014

John 4:40-54

After turning the water to wine, Jesus had travelled to the temple where He upset the temple robbery that the religious elites had been committing against the people. One of those elites had come to Jesus that night to discuss His teaching, and Jesus had lain out plainly that men must come in faith to Him. With John the baptizer echoing this message, Jesus travelled through Samaria to meet the Samaritan woman and be used by God to draw the Samaritans into faith.
What He had accomplished in one week was more than many men accomplish in their lifetime. The intentionality with which He lived was revealed in His statement to His disciples that He only wanted to do “the will of Him that sent me.” Without out a doubt, John has already proven by chapter 4 of his gospel that Jesus truly is the Messiah, the promised one from God who has come to deliver from bondage.
Having heard the testimony of the woman at the well, we find that the Samaritans believed, and after they heard Him teach, they testify to the fact that He is the Messiah. Here in this town with its inadequate populace of social rejects, Jesus had been seen and heard and believed on as the Savior that He truly was. The faith of these people had been accomplished by the will of God through the obedience of Jesus.
After two days, He departed for Galilee to pass through Cana, the town where He had turned the water into wine. His fame had spread, He could do the miraculous; He claimed the authority to cleanse the temple; He had seen hundreds converted in Samaria. Now as He came back through Cana, a nobleman came to him asking for His help. The nobleman’s son was sick and as it seemed, he would probably die unless Jesus miraculously intervened.
Without even having to see the boy, Jesus used His divine power to heal him. Upon returning home, the nobleman found that his son truly had been healed by Christ. In only about one week, Jesus had worked two remarkable miracles in this town. There was no doubting for the people of Galilee, especially in the city of Cana that Jesus was truly God. He had made it incredibly clear through His remarkable power that He had come with power that only God could have.
Sadly, within a few months, the people from Galilee would seem to forget who Jesus was. Instead of continuing to worship Him as Messiah, they would be misled by the religious elites of the day. At times, I think that we can act and live in ways that are similar to the Galileans. After seeing who Jesus clearly is, we live in ways that deny Him lordship in our lives. Instead of obeying His word as the very words of God, we live indifferent or even distracted. Perhaps, we can see Him as He is revealed in the text today and live in ways that show our faith in Who He is.

Food For Thought: What two miracles did Jesus do in Cana of Galilee? What incredible work has Jesus done for you?