Tuesday, September 23, 2014

John 6:16-21

Often events with multiple facets get summed up by the most astounding or impressive part. For example: “Hitler conquered Europe”; “Thomas Edison invented the light bulb”; “I like Holland Crème donuts from Nord’s Bakery.” Hitler did more than conquer Europe. Through political cunning, devilish racial arrogance, and military genius, Hitler systematically annexed and annihilated the countries and citizens of Europe. In addition to the light bulb, Thomas Edison also invented the electric chair, the phonograph, and the alkaline battery, as well as improved the movie camera, cement, and the electric generator. I like Nord’s doughnuts, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. The pineapple pork taco at Taco Punk, the Greek Pizza at Founaris Bros., the Monte Cristo at Cheddar’s, the Spanish Latte at Please and Thank You Café, the Chick’n and Waffles at Molly Pitcher’s Waffle Shop, the Deep Fried Wings at Darryl’s Pizza and Wings, and the list of delectable cuisine goes on and on.
When we come to John 6, we encounter the over generalized, undersold miracle simply referred to as “Jesus walking on the water.” Up to this point, John has demonstrated the ways in which Jesus as the Son of God has complete power and divine control over all things from healing to feeding. When we arrive at John 6:16, the disciples receive far more than a single sniper shot miracle that most people refer to this event as. Instead, they are eyewitnesses to a machine gun of miracles all taking place in the span of about 2 minutes.
Having fed thousands of people with a little boy’s Lunch-able, Jesus departed and sent His disciples out across the Sea of Galilee. In the middle of the night, a massive storm began tossing the disciples’ boat around. With their every effort they continued on, but the raging of the sea was too much for them. In the distance, they saw Jesus walking across the water to them. This was unlike anything they ever could have imagined. Food being multiplied and healing, they could fathom that, but walking on the water, this was unbelievable. Their reaction demonstrates the astonishment with which they looked on.
Matthew 14 tells us that at this point, Peter said to Jesus, “If it is really you, command me to come to You on the water.” Jesus responded simply, “Come.” With that, Peter climbed over the side of the boat and began walking on the water to Jesus. A few paces into it, Peter saw the wind and the waves and was frightened even more and began to sink. Matthew tells us that Jesus reached down and pulled Peter back up and they walked together to the boat. Once they arrived at the boat, Matthew goes on to say, the disciples “worshipped him, saying, ‘Of a truth thou art the Son of God.’” Immediately, the wind stopped and the water sat perfectly still, and John said instantly, “they were on the other side.”
Rapid fire, the miracles had come. It was so much more than “Jesus walked on water.” Jesus did indeed walk on water; Peter walked on water, and sank; Jesus rescued Peter; Jesus calmed the sea and the storm; Jesus caused the boat to miraculously reach the other shore. Now, the disciples could attest without a doubt that Jesus truly was the Christ, the Son of God. There was no doubting it. He exercised incredible power over everything. When we read the story of Jesus walking on water and the other miracles that occurred at that time, we should have the same reaction as the disciples, and reply “Truly, Jesus is Christ, the Son of God!”

Food For Thought: What other amazing things did Jesus do in the story normally referred to as “Jesus walking on water”? What should be our response to all of these incredible things Jesus has the power to do?