Thursday, December 20, 2012

Advent Archive: Acts 1

During this season, I will be posting archive Devo's from last year. Several were written by guest authors, so if you see a name on them, that person is the great contributor for the day.
Acts was written by Luke to a man named Theophilus. Luke was an amazing historian who gathered many details in order to explain the events of the life of Christ and the beginning of the church.Acts 1 really is a bridge to show the connection between Christ’s earthly ministry and the ministry of the Apostles. In other words, Acts 1 is a time of transition. Their leader is now gone and will not be walking with them as before (vv.9-11), and they had been betrayed by their friend Judas who was now dead (vv.15-19). But I want you to notice what they did…In their time of transition they did two things: 1) they were dependent on and committed to the Scriptures (v.20), and 2) they were men and women of prayer (v.24). This doesn’t mean that they did everything perfectly, or that all they did was 100% correct. What I want us to see today is that when we are committed to the Scriptures and when we are committed to prayer, God will direct our steps and decisions in order to accomplish things the way He wants them accomplished!
- Alan Obrien

Food For Thought: What is one of the main purposes the book of Acts was written?