Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Advent Archive: Acts 6

-Amber Allen
Most often murmuring is a really bad thing. If you remember the Hebrews in the wilderness, they constantly had judgment come upon them because of their lack of faith and complaining attitude. In this chapter of Acts, some believers are murmuring; and although I do not think God approves of how they brought up the issue, they had a legit complaint. The widows in Greece were being overlooked when the food was passed out (a charitable exercise they did for needy widows). So they complained to the church leaders. However, the problem was these leaders had too much to do to spread the gospel. They had to choose--feed the widows or get people saved. Because they could not starve the poor ladies, they delegated men to do the job.
This church impresses me because they see the problem, and they systematically take care of it so the church can continue to grow. Another thing that impresses me is that they didn't just pick some guy off the street and say, "go feed those old ladies." They chose men who were obviously on fire for God and full of wisdom. It makes me wonder--if you or I were a member at this church, would our testimony to our brothers and sisters make us a candidate? Let's strive to be like the seven men chosen--full of the Spirit and wisdom.

Food For Thought: What was the phrase that defined the men that were chosen to serve? What does this phrase mean?