Sunday, December 23, 2012

Advent Archive: Acts 3

The gift of healing would be a cool thing to have. The only issue with healing is that it would be incredibly tempting to take a cool gift like that and use it to brag about me with it. For example, I think that if I could touch people and heal them, I would probably go get a really flashy white suit and a million dollar haircut and wear lizard skin shoes. I would probably get several rings (especially on my pinky fingers) and would have a $10,000 wrist watch...or at least that’s what I think I would do based upon what modern day “healers” do. You see, in Acts 3 the emphasis was never on the one healing, or the one being healed. Rather the emphasis was on the God in heaven who was running the whole thing. See verse 8, when the man was healed by Peter, he didn’t collapse on the ground and convulse for a few minutes. Rather, he leaped to his feet and PRAISED GOD. When everyone focuses on man, they quickly become man worshippers instead of God worshippers. Do you do this? Do you find yourself more impressed with spiritual people than the God that gives them the daily strength to serve him. The best way I have heard it said is this: “there is no such thing as ‘great men of God,’ rather, there are only ‘men of a great God’.” Where’s your focus?
Food For Thought: Who should be the focus of all things accomplished both great and small? In what areas have you missed that recently?