Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Advent Archive: Romans 7:1-6

If you’re like me, you’re a visual learner. I think the Apostle Paul was a visual learner as well because he constantly used illustrations to teach his points. In Romans 7:2-3, Paul uses the illustration of a binding marriage vow, or PROMISE, made between one man and one woman to illustrate just how bound mankind is to the Law.
Here’s the picture… From verse 1 we know he is talking to people who know God’s Law. He then says, if a woman has a husband, she is married and bound to that man as long as he is alive. It is ONLY when that man dies that they are no longer married (v.2). If the woman is married to another man while her husband is still alive, verse 3 says she is to be called an adulteress. It’s very clear, right? But, the rest of verse 3 says, “but if her husband be dead, SHE IS FREE FROM THE LAW!” Ok, this is obviously truth about marriage from the Law, but please remember that Paul is using it as an illustration to teach an even greater truth in vv.4-6.
What’s the truth he’s teaching? It’s that you and I, in salvation, are dead to the Law and no longer bound/married to it! Hallelujah! The Law is what condemned us! Verse 4 tells us that we were set free in order to be bound and married to Christ, forever! Christ died and in His death, we as believers died with Him. When He arose, we were raised up with Him with a purpose. What’s the purpose? Verse 4 says, “that we should bring forth fruit unto God!” Before, when we were married to the Law, all of our works were as filthy rags. But now that we are in Christ, our fruit is alive and brings glory to Him!
So hear this, young person: if you’re a believer, you are free from the Law in order to love and serve your eternal Husband, Jesus! Unlike the Law, this Husband has been loving and giving Himself for you already!

Food for Thought: Read Romans 7:1-6. In the illustration of our relationship to the law, what is the picture and what happened to the law?

Alan Obrien
Assistant Pastor |

Alan and his wife, Amy, have been serving the church family of Landmark Baptist Church since 2008. They have a daughter, Allison.