Friday, January 24, 2014

Advent Archive: Romans 7:7-14

A while ago, I watched a commercial for Febreze house spray. They setup a room with a nasty, old couch and rotten plants. On the ground were dirty socks and a mangy mouth-breathing dog. The Febreze people went into the room first and sprayed it down with their flowery Febreze room-spray. Moments later they brought in some people that were blindfolded. The effects were startling. The people were led into the grungy room and taken to the couch. As they sat on the couch, blindfolded, and breathed in the “pretty air,” they described the type of room they imagined they were in….a beautiful white room with a plush white couch and perhaps a beautiful poodle. After they described the gorgeous room that they imagined, the Febreze people took the blindfolds off of these test subjects to reveal the grungy room. The looks on their faces were priceless as they realized that they had ogled over this absolutely disgusting room and worse yet, while they were blind to it, they imagined it to be something beautiful.
Romans 7:7-14 expresses the law as the removal of the blind-fold. Before the law, sin wasn’t seen plainly as its disgusting, ugly, God-hating self. But after the law came and the blind-fold was removed, all could see plainly that they were living in opposition to the designs of God Almighty. The saddest part of the law was that it did not just reveal the existence of the sin in mankind, but revealed the gravity of sin- that man would have to pay the penalty for that sin…death.

Food for Thought: Read Romans 7:7-14. according to today’s devotional, what did the law do for those that were sinning?