Thursday, January 30, 2014

Advent Archive: Romans 8:14-25

What would it be like if someone as rich as Bill Gates adopted you? Not only adopted you, but made you sole heir to his wealth because you were now fully his child. A little unfair, right? What would you have done to deserve a gift like that?
In Romans 8:14-17, Paul tells us about a mind-blowingly unfair adoption like this one. Though we have done nothing to deserve it, God adopts believers and treats them as His family. By being adopted, we gain access to God the father, and become heirs to his riches and blessings. We are made righteous immediately through His Son, we receive heaven as our eternal home, we escape eternal death, and we live in God's presence forever. That's a pretty good inheritance package.
It is not that EVERYONE is His child. Many people who do not understand the Bible say we are all God's children just by being part of man-kind, and idea known as universalism. Adam was the original man, and he held the sacred title, "son of God." When Jesus came, He declared that He was the Son of God, a claim that was vindicated and approved by God himself. Now we, who put our faith in Christ’s saving work, are the adopted "sons of God." If you are a born-again Christian, let this passage remind you that you are seen as God's child and all that brings with it. Bill Gates could be a pretty nice dad who could offer you a warm home and an abundance of wealth, but God offers you eternal peace, and indescribable access to the wealth of His kingdom - the two don't even compare.

Food for Thought: Read Romans 8:14-25. What is the word that describes God’s relationship to you in this passage? How did this happen?

Amber Allen
My Wife and Best Friend
Amber and I have been working together in youth ministry since 2008. We have two beautiful children - Graham and Cecelia.