Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Advent Archive: Romans 9:1-13

Romans 9:1-13 is known and discussed for many reasons. One reason is seen early on as Paul’s heart is put on display. Verse 3 has to be one of the most convicting verses in all of the Bible when I evaluate my life and my passion for the lost. When we read Paul saying that he would wish himself to be accursed, or cursed and cut off from his standing with God in salvation, in order that his Jewish brethren would be saved, I am smitten! That’s an amazing confession from Paul! Is there anybody that you desire to be saved so much that you would be willing to trade places with him/her? That’s how much Paul loved his Jewish brethren.
Secondly, this passage is well-known and discussed because of its explanation of God’s sovereignty. This passage explains how God, as the Creator and Ruler of this world, chose the nation of Israel to be His people. They didn’t do anything to earn that status; in fact, He chose them before they were born! And because He is Creator and Ruler, He has every right to do whatever He wants to do.
But thirdly, and most importantly, this passage is based on everything that has been said in chapters 1-8. Chapter 8 is full of promises that God made to His people, but the problem is that many of the “Jews” don’t claim Christ. So Paul addresses the question, “Has the Word of God failed (v.6)? Is He not keeping His promises after all?” The answer: NO! God’s Word has not failed and it will not fail! The problem is that man fails to believe God and His promises were made to those who truly are His. Are you one of His?

Food for Thought: Read Romans 9:1-13. What are the advantages that Paul says Israel had over everyone else?

Alan Obrien
Assistant Pastor | www.libcky.com
Alan and his wife, Amy, have been serving the church family of Landmark Baptist Church since 2008. They have a daughter, Allison.