Monday, February 24, 2014

Romans 11:26-36

Romans 11:33-36 stands as one of the best descriptions of God’s “solitariness.” There is none like Him. There is none that can be like Him. He has no equal, and He has no rival. Any who shake their fist at God do so not as enemies, but as rebels. One Who is infinite in every way is infinite in all parts of His existence. While the mind of man has an end, the mind of God is past finding out. There is no comprehension in human terms of all that God knows. Without a doubt, He knows all that we could ever know and more. He knows all and therefore has no need of advice. He does not take clues how to act from His creations. Instead, as He sees fit, He reveals His will to us and lovingly allows us to trust and obey it, or with longsuffering mercy to doubt and rebel against it. Paul says that the knowledge of God is without end. Nothing past, present, or future is hidden from the mind of God. He knows as well all of the details of eternity past as He does eternity future. He doesn’t only see things coming; rather, He already saw them before they started this way. No one can compare in knowledge to God. Paul further says that no one can compare in wisdom to God. Wisdom is understanding and causing. It is the reasoning power that operates within a given set of information. There is none that can compare to God’s wisdom because there is none that can compare to His wealth of knowledge. He enters every circumstance into your experience knowing the work that it will be for you and extending to you the opportunity of full joy in your obedience to His will.

Food for Thought: Read Romans 11:26-36. What does the word “solitariness” mean? How does this passage describe this about God?