Thursday, February 27, 2014

Romans 12:3-8

In Romans 12:3, Paul brings up an excellent point that all of us struggle with. He says that no one should “think of himself more highly than he out to think; but think soberly as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith.” On the first level, Paul is saying is that no one is the center of the universe. God is the center of the universe. The way we live indicates who the center of our universe is. If we seek day in and day out to make ourselves comfortable and satisfied and happy, then we have become our own focus. We in essence have become the center of our own universe. But Paul says to not view catering to yourself as the only reason for living. God has called you to a greater thing and given you the faith to be a part of that greater thing—serving Him and worshipping Him. At the second level, the Christian family is viewed as body. Each part of the body has been equipped by God at salvation for the specific purpose of serving the other members of the body and worshipping God. If you get sidetracked and think of yourself more highly than you ought, then you will only serve yourself and worship yourself. This idolatry is wicked and God despises it. This is why Paul warns against it here in this passage. Finally, Paul says that you should be more consumed with taking care of the other parts of the body than with just taking care of yourself. For what health would the hand have if it never fed the mouth. It would have none and would shrivel up and die. He uses this point to show that you should be always serving those around you with the spiritual gifts with which you have been equipped. So stop serving yourself in this egocentric view of the universe and start serving God and others.

Food for Thought: Read Romans 12:3-8. What does egocentric mean? Who does paul say you should be serving instead of yourself?