Friday, February 28, 2014

Romans 12:9-21

In Romans 12:9-21 Paul lays out a beautiful description of what the Christian life really looks like. Notice with me some of the highlights:
1) abhor that which is evil, cleave to good
2) in honor prefer one another
3) don’t be lazy, rather live with fervor because you are serving Jesus
4) rejoice in the future, and be patient and pray when hard times come
5) be giving of yourself, worried about the needs of others more than your own need
6) if someone attacks you, bless them not curse
7) pay attention to the hearts of those around you and laugh and cry accordingly
8) don’t be overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good
This is a synopsis of the Christian life. If you read through this list, you cannot help but see faith in every point that Paul makes. You believe God is good, therefore you abhor evil and cleave to good. You believe that only He should elevate you so you don’t elevate yourself. You believe He desires you to work hard, so you balance your consumption of entertainment and recreation and avoid gluttony in these areas. You believe that He is working all things together for your good, even the hard times, so you rejoice and are patient while you pray to Him. You believe that even when you wronged Him with your sin, He still died for you so why should you attack those who do wrong to you. You believe that He knows when you hurt and cares and helps, so you should care and have compassion on others too. You believe that He despises evil, so you hate it too. Your faith is lived out in all of these ways. Don’t miss the point. This is a life that you should chase after, and this is a life that pours out from the gospel working in you.
Food for Thought: Read Romans 12:9-21. According to the end of today’s devo, what brings about this Christian lifestyle?