Friday, May 3, 2013

Jonah 1:1-2

There came a day when God made it clear he had plans for Jonah. What a dramatic thought! God wanted Jonah. Out of all the Israelites God could've chosen, he decided to pick Jonah. Like a master composer of music who determines not only the notes to be played but also the instrument that will play those notes, so God is the Master Composer of the symphony of the ages. When he determined that Nineveh needed to hear from him, he decided on the perfect instrument to play that note – JONAH.
But wait…God has a call on your life as well. You may not know fully what it is, but rest assured he's calling your name. And it has something to do with the gospel. Jesus has commissioned you to go and make disciples of all the nations. Regardless of your present or future job occupation, he is calling you to be involved in gospel ministry.
Why did God choose Jonah for this exact call to go to Nineveh? The answer is simple: God made him a preacher. God custom built him as a preacher and then said, "Now go preach to Nineveh." When God wants a sermon to be given, he creates/calls preacher like Jonah. When God wants his people led, he creates/calls a shepherd like David. When God wants the New Testament written, he creates/calls an intellect like Paul. When God wants to save humanity, he sends himself to die on our behalf.
All through the Bible, God has used every conceivable type of person for the gospel. He has utilized shipbuilders, farmers, carpenters, preachers, shepherds, princes, kings, queens, poets, lawyers, tentmakers, fishers, mothers, children, tax collectors, islanders, doctors, scholars, soldiers, slaves, and even donkeys! Make no mistake…you are custom designed for gospel ministry!
Have you ever considered why you're good at math, science, art, public speaking, music, writing, computers, graphic design, words, cars, or carpentry? God wants to use it for the gospel! You did not build yourself. God built you for the sake of the gospel. So take how he created you and develop those skills and hone those strengths to be prepared for the call of God. He has made no mistake with you.

Food for thought: How are you custom built by God?

-Andy Gleiser