Sunday, May 19, 2013

Psalm 100:3

“Know ye that the LORD he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves;”
There is only one GOD. All others are posers. They are fakes. They aren’t real. They have been created by the limited imagination of men. Stone masons and sculptors have shaped god after god. The evidence of their ineptness is in the design.
Without fail, the carvers and etchers reveal the lack of creativity in their concept when their god takes on the form of something else in existence. Whether it is “Hanuman” the Hindu monkey-god, or “Ra” the Egyptian sun-god, or the god that Aaron built at the foot of Mount Sinai that looked like a cow, or all the other gods that look like men or were supposedly at one point men, all of these gods have the same thing in common, they come from the minds of men with very limited imaginative resources. The lack of creativity is evident when they pick the objects around them to define their latest self-chosen deity. They fashion the idol to look like the thing that they can think of, but never do they create a new object. Never do they fashion a new concept. Their god must have hands(changing the number of these doesn’t add creativity) and eyes and ears and a mouth and a nose…and, well, everything that they are used to seeing on the beings around them.
Our God is different. It was from His imagination that we were created, not the other way around. The ideas that came from His mind shaped our reality. The limits of our imaginative resources were defined by His limitless creativity. The evidence of this limitless creativity is on exhibition every time scientists uncover yet again another new species of plant or animal that has never before been seen by human eyes, but instead was fashioned eons ago in the mind of God.
He is the fashioner, not us. We just make photocopies and duplicates. As a matter of fact, the Psalmist takes it one step further and declares “it is He that made us, and not we ourselves.” Literally, he is saying, “we didn’t fashion ourselves.” God is the maker of men. God is the shaper of men, and God is the one in control of men. Be amazed at His wonder-filled, imagination-stretching, creative power.

Food For Thought: How is our God different from all other gods?