Monday, May 13, 2013

Ruth 2:8-22

Ladies, here’s where the good part of the story begins. Here comes the love story. But, it isn’t a love story like modern Hollywood often portrays love…this one is real. Boaz takes great care to make sure that Ruth and Naomi’s needs are met . He provides for them and even tells Ruth not to go anywhere else for food, he will continue to take care of her. This kind of undeserved favor, this clear display of mercy leaves Ruth in humble astonishment. She falls on her face (v.10) and thanks Boaz for his kindness. I wonder if we have the same sense of gratitude for God knowing that he has saved us from eternal damnation. We, like Ruth, were outcasts but God desires to receive us as His children (John 1:12). How humbling!
In verse fourteen, Boaz gives Ruth a feast to remember. An all you can eat buffet (better than Golden Corral, I can assure you of that!). Verse seventeen makes clear that Boaz has given Ruth enough barley to last her and Naomi for weeks. But what is most fascinating to me is that Naomi praises and blesses God as opposed to Boaz in verse twenty. This woman had been bitter, but now she is beginning to see the graciousness of God: He has stopped the famine, He has given her a daughter in law who loves and cares for her, He has preserved Boaz for Ruth, He has sovereignly directed Ruth to Boaz’s field, and He has given Boaz a special desire to favor Ruth.
There is no doubt that things have been difficult for Naomi, but even in the midst of the sorrow God has still shown himself faithful. He has taken care of her and Ruth’s hunger, he has begun to give them hope, and his goodness has begun to make them optimistic. I wonder, does God’s goodness to you make you feel more entitled or humbly overwhelmed?

-Matthew Anders
senior pastor at