Friday, May 10, 2013

Ruth 2:1-7

There are no coincidences with God.
In the beginning of this chapter we are introduced to Boaz, Naomi’s kinsman redeemer. Boaz just sounds like a Disney prince doesn’t he? Well, he’s something much greater than that. He is a mighty man of wealth the Bible says. The fact that he was a mighty man means that he was a ‘worthy man’ or ‘a man of valor’. It’s nice to know at a time when men were doing what was right in their own eyes there was still at least one man with some integrity. Notice in verse four the way that Boaz greets his employees. Can you imagine if the manager of McDonald’s walked into work tomorrow morning and said “the Lord be with you”. You would choke on your Sweet Tea! But the way that Boaz greeted his employees revealed his heart of love and compassion. It revealed a genuine man of character who had influence over the lives of others. Don’t ever fall for the lie that loving God with all your heart will make you odd or unable to connect with people. Boaz’s employee’s respected his love for God because they discerned that it was genuine.
You know, it’s interesting that God’s name is not mentioned so far in the book of Ruth. In fact, His name won’t be mentioned at all. And yet you can clearly see that God is working behind the scenes. Remember that “a coincidence is simply when God chooses to remain anonymous”. God works through miracles and God works through providence. A miracle is when he stops the normal course of human events and radically alters something (like the parting of the Red Sea). But providence is when God orchestrates all the normal happenings of daily life to bring about His purposes.
God is providentially bringing Ruth and Boaz together. Notice that Ruth is a woman of compassion and initiative (v. 2) who goes out to help provide for Naomi and herself. And it “just so happens” that of all the fields she goes to, she begins to glean grain from Boaz’s. It is obvious that Ruth is humble and that she is hardworking (v.7), but it is also clear that God has a special plan for Ruth. While Ruth is gleaning Boaz arrives and gives her more than she could ask for- God is beginning to provide in ways that Naomi and Ruth could never have dreamed!

-Matthew Anders
senior pastor at