Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ruth 3:1-18

The story of the book of Ruth began with sadness and difficulty, but now things are beginning to change for the better. Chapter three gives us hope and it is manifested in each of the three main characters of the book: Naomi, Ruth, and Boaz. Naomi begins to express her hope through the development of a plan for Ruth. Now, I must admit that the plan is pretty odd, ok very odd, but it is a plan. We don’t know the reason for Naomi’s odd plan because the Bible doesn’t tell us it, but we do know that Ruth trusted her mother in law and did as she commanded. Ruth took the risk and went to the threshingfloor that night. She laid down by Boaz and when he stirred she asked him to “spread his wings over her because he is her redeemer”. Ruth was NOT asking for anything impure or immoral, she was asking for Boaz to fulfill his obligation as the kinsman redeemer and look after her and take her to be his wife.
Boaz responds in a very powerful and unique way. it would have been easy for Boaz to take the words of this younger, beautiful woman as something much different than what they were — but Boaz doesn’t even assume this for a second because of the virtuous character of Ruth. What a godly testimony she had! Rather, he responds by saying that there is another man in front of him who has the first shot but he will seek to take her as his own. What integrity! He could have simply fulfilled her request, and he probably desired to, but his character was more important than anything and so was hers.
Praise the Lord for a picture in the Bible of integrity and purity when the world portrays such filth and immorality. God honored their self control and their purity and He will honor yours as well. Commit yourself to trusting that God’s way is the best in all situations, especially these types of matters.

-Matthew Anders
senior pastor at www.libcky.com